October 12, 2019
Websites in Leicester
CR Sign Design
Websites in Leicester

01. The Challenge & Solution

When Curtis (Founder of CR Signs & Design) first set out, he knew he needed a website to display the work they carry out, the services they offer and a platform his potential customers to contact him in order to compete with dozens of other signage websites in Leicester. His website was functional, but didn’t represent the quality of his business, nor did it generate any business. He knew he needed to invest and we met up with Curtis to establish exactly what he was looking to achieve.

Websites in Leicester
Websites in Leicester

02. Dominating The Market

Once the website was built, we began the SEO process. We carried out an online search engine competition analysis and agreed a strategy.

This included researching the following:

  • Keyword & key phrase research
  • Geographic analysis
  • Demographic research
  • Competition saturation analysis

03. The Perfect Result

Two months later, not only did we secure the top spot on Google, but we also formed a partnership where KS offered shop signage utilising our in-house design experts and their in-house manufacturing team and CR Signs & Design offered websites in Leicester.

You can check out the site here!

Take a look and be sure to let us know what you think!