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Introduction to small business owners.

Not all entrepreneur days are the same, everybody’s perspective of how they utilise their day is different. Not everyone gets up at 6.00 am, goes for a jog before meditating and then record a vlog while drinking a wheatgrass smoothie, all by 8:00 am when it is time to head to the office. Some entrepreneurs have children and spend the morning getting them ready for school and others wake with their laptop on their lap responding to emails with one hand and holding a large cup of coffee in the other. Either way, their day is started with a ritual for getting motivated for what the day may bring.

Each day in the life of an entrepreneur is structured to maximise all of the 24 hours of a day. Uttering the words “It has been a long day” is a common occurrence, more toward the amount done and not the hours worked. A day comprises of an early start and a late finish, with a planned routine in the middle for a jam-packed day. When running a company not one day is the same and not always as glamorous as some may think. An entrepreneur is required to wear many different hats, from human resources to sales and from marketing to spokesperson. One day might be spent meeting with clients from one end of the country to the other and the next could be stuck in the office interviewing for new staff, conducting meetings, on calls and responding to emails.

Can you relate?

Whether you run your own car repairs garage, a one man plumbing business or a £2 million turnover printing business, we all get bogged down by activities that take a lot of time, for not a lot of result, so to speak. Sound familiar?

Let’s look at the facts, you are good at what you do, wether that’s car repairs or installing bathrooms. You are. You wouldn’t of had the confidence to set up on your own, if you didn’t believe that your craft is of a great quality. So when you’re then trying to juggle things such as social media, managing your website, being the cleaner, accountant, HR, salesman and everything else that being a small business owner requires, you’re not 100% focussed on what you’re good at.

I can’t afford to outsource these activities.

Wrong. You can’t afford to keep wearing 10-15 hats per day. Because over time, your quality in your service/product will slip, your customer service will decline and the business as a whole, will pay the price. A price much more expensive that £100 for social media management for example.


What is ‘networking’ exactly?

Of course, we all know the rough definition of networking. However, do you understand the hundreds of forms that networking can take? Social media, talking on the phone, your website, attending events, speaking to suppliers and so many many more activities are all forms of networking. However, your website and your social media are what we call ‘lazy networking tools’ at KS Creative Agency. Why? Because they’re 24/7. They can answer most of your customers/suppliers/public’s without you speaking a work or typing an email. These two elements are available for anyone to view, no matter what day, what time or their location. So if you get 5 phone calls per day asking, “do you offer MOT’s?” Why isn’t that plastered all over your website, social media, Google profile, even your logo! If each phone-call lasts 2 minutes per day, that’s 10 minutes of wasted time, that is inevitably, valuable to you, not to mention the unnecessary distraction/interruption.

What’s the solution?

You guessed it! Use KS! But seriously, even if it’s not through KS Creative Agency, outsource the activities that you’re not great at, but still takes up way too much time. This also benefits your mental health, improves your sleep and drives your service/product quality forward. Take that heavy, pointless weight off your shoulders and focus on what you’re great at and what you love.


Credits: The Foundr Magazine for the incredible illustration.



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